360 Master Plan

Zeus Masterplan breathes life into your sales pre­sentations. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to use, it’s intuitive and most importantly, it sells.

Exploration Made Easy

Through state of the art technology, allow clients to explore their potential purchases digitally and have all the important information about your properties at their fingertips (literally) .

Real Time Data

Drawing on real time updates from your centralized Zeus RE database, Zeus Masterplan ensures that your agents and clients are viewing the most up-to-date informa­tion, from available units and fixtures to location of nearest elevators and price.

Guide Your Clients

Zeus Masterplan is the most appealing and interactive way to guide your client to their ideal prop­erty.

The most useful services for your business

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Zeus Masterplan for Development

For larger developments with multiple phases. communities, or several buildings, an interactive Masterplan is the...

Masterplan for Condo Apartment Buildings or Towers

By creating a Masterplan for your condo, apartment, building or tower, we can provide clients...

Sales Centre Displays

Imagine the impact of displaying your custom Masterplan on a large plasma screen in your...

Trade Shows/Exhibitions

Nothing pulls in foot track like Zeus Masterplan displaying live on your stand.

Consumer Facing Website

Connect Zeus Masterplan directly with your website. A public Masterplan is great for your prospective...

Your Sales Staff

Make it easy for your agents to locate units, check their availability and proceed immediately...