Client Portal

Provide clients with a dedicated portal for payment status, construction updates, and requests.

Our Client Portal is built to provide clients with transparency, convenience, and efficient communication throughout their real estate journey.

Payment Status Tracking

Keep clients informed about their payment obligations with Payment Status Tracking. Clients can view their payment history, upcoming payments, and outstanding balances. This transparency empowers clients to manage their finances effectively and stay on top of their payment commitments.

Construction Progress Reports

Enhance client engagement with Construction Progress Reports. Clients can access detailed reports on construction activities, including photos, timelines, and milestones achieved. This feature offers clients insight into the progress of their projects and fosters trust in your real estate processes.

Request Submission

Offer clients a convenient way to submit requests through the Request Submission feature. Whether it’s maintenance requests, inquiries, or special requests, clients can easily communicate their needs directly through the portal. This ensures prompt and efficient response to client inquiries.

By providing clients with a dedicated space to manage their property transactions and communication, you empower them to navigate the real estate process with ease and confidence.